We provide an extensive range of
General Practitioner and Speciality Services

Patient Services

We are currently accepting new patients and welcome you to Tristar Medical Group. All Tristar clinics are predominantly Bulk Billed and offer appointments with a doctor of your choice.

Speciality Services

Our range of services include family medicine, primary care and specialist centres incorporating Allied Health. Tristar Medical Group also emcompasses specialty services including skin and laser clinics.

About Us

Tristar Medical Group continues to support the advancement of health care in Australia by placing general practitioners in all regions and states, from metropolitan areas to remote locations.

Work with Tristar


Tristar Medical Group is proud of its dedicated team of medical professionals and support staff. We are always seeking skilled and experienced medical and non-medical professionals to help us deliver the highest level of patient care.

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Tristar Medical Group has pioneered a number of important initiatives including training and support for all medical staff, incorporating specialised programs designed specifically for International Medical Graduates.

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At Tristar Medical Group we continue to offer traditional family healthcare and stand by our original philosophy and core values. Tristar Medical Group clinics are predominantly Bulk Billed.