About Us

About Us

Tristar Medical Group was established in 2003 to ensure that high quality, accessible and affordable medical services would always be specifically available to regional, rural and underserviced communities. From humble beginnings, Tristar has developed a reputation for unparalleled health care and continues to grow through focused expansion.

Tristar Medical Group has now secured its position as one of the largest privately owned health service providers in Australia and continues to support the advancement of health care in Australia by placing General Practitioners in all regions and states, from metropolitan areas to remote locations.

At Tristar we continue to stand by our original philosophy and values, by continuing to offer traditional family medicine and give patients the ability to make an appointment with a doctor of their choice and have their medical records accessible to them in any of our clinics. Tristar clinics continue to be predominately bulk billing, unlike most other clinics.

Tristar Medical Group also places a large emphasis on education and training, which is reflected in every aspect of daily life within the group. We actively encourage our senior GPs to share their skills, knowledge and passions, by training and presenting to our junior GPs at every opportunity.

The range of services now offered by Tristar Medical Group includes Family Medicine and Healthcare supported by an extensive Mental Health program, Allied Health Services, Practice Nurses and Specialist Centres. The group also encompasses speciality centres including laser and skin clinics.