Letter From Our CEO

Dr Khaled El-Sheikh

“Tristar Medical Group is one of the biggest, high quality health service providers in Australia. From humble beginnings, Tristar has gone on to establish a network of nearly 50 outstanding clinics. Our goal is to ensure that that high quality, accessible and affordable medical services will always be available to regional and rural communities.

As Tristar Medical Group grows, so will the services that we offer. We have pioneered a number of important initiative including training and support for all medical staff, the chance to train in industry & injury management and mental health services second to none.

We will continue to support the advancement of health care in Australia by placing much needed qualified and knowledgeable medical practitioners in rural, regional and metropolitan areas. We guarantee GPs and patients alike are offered the highest quality facilities all under the one roof.”


Dr Khaled El-Sheikh

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“We believe in ensuring high quality, accessible and affordable medical services”