Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Tristar Medical Group being a leading health care provider ensures adequate protection of personal information. The purpose of collecting personal information is to provide high quality and affordable health care to the community.

Maintaining patient and employee privacy and confidentiality is emphasised in Tristar Medical Group as being compulsory for employees and contractors. Employees and contractors must refrain from any discussion, within and outside the practice, which can jeopardize the privacy of patients or other employees and contractors.

Employees and Contractors who, by the nature of their duties, have access to private and confidential information, must respect and guard this information securely to ensure third parties cannot access them unless required by law.

The obligation to maintain privacy and confidentiality continues even after an employee or contractor has left Tristar Medical Group.

The breach of privacy and confidentiality, if evidenced, will result in instant termination of employment or contract and possibly further legal action.