Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Checks

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Checks

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Checks


Regular health checks will help identify and prevent any health issues earlier. Our GP’s can complete a health check that looks at your overall health and risk factors. This involves medical examinations and tests such as blood pressure, height and weight and blood tests. By having a health check the doctor can develop a good health care plan for your needs, this may include referral to services and providing advice.


TMG practices participate in the Close the Gap – PBS Co-Payment measure. This means that if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and are living with, or are at risk of developing a chronic disease, you will be eligible for lower or zero co-payment for PBS medicines.


At Tristar we offer the following preventative health checks:

75 and over: this yearly, in depth assessment is designed to identify any health issues which may be preventable or amenable to early treatment to improve health and quality of life.

45-49 year old: a health assessment is recommended to anyone within the age bracket who is at risk of developing a chronic disease. Factors which may put you in this category include smoking, obesity, high blood pressure or having a history of chronic disease.

Type 2 diabetes risk evaluation: Available for those aged 40-49 years to determine their diabetic risk and provide lifestyle education to decrease risk.

Men’s and Women’s health checks: screening is an important part of preventative health. There are many screening tests and examinations a healthy person can undertake to help with detection of diseases such as bowel cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Speak to your GP – they are able to carry out some tests and can refer you to specialist services.

Additional Health Checks include: