Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Tristar Medical Group industrial health focuses on proactive and preventative health care initiatives.

Talk to us about how your company can gain the benefits from using the latest in digital technology to provide comprehensive and cost effective industrial health care onsite, including:

  • Virtual Consulting
  • Occupational Health
  • Industrial Medicine
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Pre-Employment Medicals
  • Onsite Visits
  • WorkCover & Injury Management


Virtual consulting:

MyOnlineClinic is a revolutionary digital healthcare solution that connects GP’s, Specialists and Patients. MyOnlineClinic turns any computer, smart phone or tablet into your very own portable medical clinic.

MyOnlineClinic allows you to connect with patients via video technology and closely monitor them with its smart Bluetooth medical devices from anywhere in the world at any time.

TMG understands that good health in the workplace is imperative for productivity. This is why we have a dedicated industrial medicine component.

  • Pre-Employment Screening & Medicals
  • Executive Medical (Male & Female)
  • Onsite Visits
  • Work Cover
  • Vaccinations
  • Mental Health / Employment Assistance Program
  • Aviation Medicals
  • MyOnlineClinic


Occupational Health / Industrial Medicine

TMG understands that health and wellbeing in the workplace is imperative for productivity. This is why we have a dedicated industrial medicine component.  Industrial Medicine is concerned with keeping people well at work and returning people to work within optimum timeframes. The majority of our clinics are open 7 days a week, which allows greater access to our medical services for our corporate clients.

It is designed to look after the welfare of employees both physically and mentally.  Qualified doctors at TMG can advise on workplace safety, prevention of occupational injury or illness, assess workplace fitness and assist to manage employees return to work and rehabilitation following the employee suffering a workplace injury or illness.

Occupational health is a discipline that is designed to assist industry to manage absenteeism and presenteeism for the benefit of both the employee and employer.  Investing in occupational health programs will achieve a healthy, productive and motivated team.

Tristar EAP

As an extension of our industrial medicine option. We have capacity to also deliver an Employee Assistance Program(EAP) Arrangement.

Tristar Medical Group EAP has capacity to deliver the following:

  • Employee and significant other Counselling
  • Critical Incident Debriefing and Stress Management
  • Mental Health Awareness Workshops (designed to keep staff at work and functioning at optimum levels)
  • Fitness for Work Assessments
  • Corporate Coaching / Managing Challenging staff
  • Managing workplace Conflict

Our staffing cohort include Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Nurses and Social Workers.

Pre-Employment Screening & Medicals (PEM)

  • Full Medicals
  • Trucksafe medical
  • Spirometry medical
  • Hearing medical
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Heart Function Testing (ECGs)
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision assessment
  • Blood sugar/cholesterol testing
  • Drug and alcohol assessment
  • Respiratory assessment
  • Audiometric testing
  • Musculoskeletal Assessments
  • Functional assessment
  • Fatigue Assessments

Onsite Visits

  • Assessments of workplace
  • Bulk vaccinations
  • Case conference with RTW coordinator and supervisor
  • Ergonomic workstation assessments
  • Wellness clinics and skin checks
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Lung function testing (Spirometry)


Work Cover and Injury Management

Tristar Medical Groups WorkCover and injury management services can assist in prevention, initial treatment, and return to work coordination.

Our clinics are fully capable of evaluating and managing most work-related injuries. Injured workers have access to a team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to ensure an integrated and prompt return to work.

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