Tristar Medical Group is committed to providing patients with the highest standard of patient-centred care

A wide range of allied health services are available at each of our practices.

Allied health professionals provide direct patient care, rehabilitation, treatment and health improvement interventions to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory and psychological health. These services form an integral part of the treatment and prevention of medical conditions.

Where these services are not available within the clinic or if you have a preferred allied health provider, our GPs can refer you to other local health professionals or alternatively organise Telehealth consultations if not conveniently located. Allied health services cover a wide variety of therapies, from talking therapies such as counselling to movement therapies such as physiotherapy. Because of this, what you need to do to prepare for your visit will vary.

Prepare for your visit by keeping track of your symptoms, including when they started, how long they lasted and what you were doing when they started. Your symptoms may be related to a particular activity or movement. Think also about what has made you feel better in the past, such as lying down or avoiding certain foods.

It may also be helpful to bring:

  • A list of any questions you may wish to discuss
  • A list of any medication or supplements you are taking
  • Any medical procedures such as surgeries or tests that you have had in the past, even if you may think it is not related to your current condition.
  • A notebook to write down any instructions or tips from the allied health professional

Please contact your nearest clinic for further information regarding our allied health services or speciality centres which offer these services.

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