Tristar Medical Group doctors are skilled in minor surgery and procedures.

Each clinic has a dedicated procedure room where minor surgical procedures can be performed, such as the excision or biopsy of moles or skin cancers, Implanon insertion and removal, and resection of ingrown toenails.

Our doctors will often use cryotherapy for the removal of warts, sun spots and skin tags. The procedure involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the targeted area. The benefit of such treatment is that it doesn’t usually require a local anaesthetic and produces cosmetically superior results.

Skin Biopsy

A biopsy is sometimes performed if a lesion appears unusual or suspicious. A small part of the lesion (2-3mm diameter) will be removed under local anaesthetic for study by a pathologist to help make the diagnosis.

Most biopsies do not require stitches and will normally be covered by a band-aid or dressing. If the biopsy is positive for skin cancer, then it may require further treatment.


An excision is the complete removal of a suspicious lesion or skin cancer. The doctor will perform the excision in our procedure room under local anaesthetic. The lesion that is removed will be sent to a pathologist for further examination.

Once the lesion is removed the doctor will insert some stitches to close the wound and a dressing will be applied. You will need to return to the Clinic to have the stitches removed in a week or two depending on the area treated. Our Doctors and Nurses also provide high-quality care for all simple and complex wounds.

Please speak to your GP for further details and information.

Each clinic is fully accredited and complies with Australian standards and regulations.

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