Tristar Medical Group practices employ a combination of allied health professionals to provide support with your mental health.

These professionals include credentialed mental health nurses, nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists. Our teams are able to help with diagnosing and treating all forms of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, bipolar and other mental health conditions.

Treatments available include psychotherapy, counselling and pharmacological interventions, psychometric testing is also available in some locations. Where face-to-face appointments with allied health professionals are not available, Tristar Medical Group can offer Telehealth services.

Our GPs are also qualified to deliver mental health treatment plans; if you are concerned about your mental health, speak to your GP today. With a mental health treatment plan, your GP can refer you to up to 10 Medicare rebated allied health mental health services per the calendar year and/or a currently uncapped number of Mental Health Nurse consultations under the government-funded Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program.

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