This training session aims to equip GP’s with the skills to enable them to assess a mental health condition

This is important training for GPs so they can provide sufficient information to make an accurate diagnosis, plan to reduce potential risks and provide follow up and evaluation.

The workshop also provides the GP with adequate resources to develop their own systems to provide high-quality care while maximising the MBS billing items. The topics that will be covered include a general overview of the mental health system; a range of disorders; the biopsychosocial model; mental status examination; managing risk; outcomes and health care planning.

Brett McKinnon is the manager of the Mental Health Department for the Tristar Medical Group organisation. He brings to his training his vast experience in the mental health arena.

He has predominantly worked in and managed acute response teams from metropolitan Melbourne, to regional Victoria. He is a well-versed facilitator having worked across a vast range of educational settings in both private and public settings.

Most notably, he has delivered for Monash, Deakin and recently the Gordon Institute. Brett has a keen interest in improving mental health outcomes for his community and is passionate about sharing his skills and expertise with other medical professionals.

Managing aggression in a clinical setting is a comprehensive Education and Training package that equips GP’s with the skills and understanding of how to manage occupational violence.

The session covers legal, ethical and overall safety enhancement. This is a full day workshop with participants becoming actively involved in physical maneuvers in the last session of the day.

Please contact our Training Department on 03 5022 5800 for further details on this course or by email:

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