Tristar Medical Group offers a host of specialty and specialist services which are delivered by our dedicated and professional medical teams.

A number of these services are also available in our clinics. Where these services are not available or if you have a preferred specialist, our GPs can refer you to other local health professionals or alternatively organise telehealth consultations if not conveniently located.

Corporate Services
Corporate Services

Talk to us about how your company can gain the benefits of using the latest in digital technology to provide comprehensive and cost-effective industrial healthcare onsite.

Depression, Stress and Health
Mental Health

These professionals include credentialed mental health nurses, nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists.

Allied health
BodyFit Allied Health

A wide range of allied health services covering a wide variety of therapies are available at our practices.

Skin and Laser Centres

Eternity Skin and Laser Centre provides scientifically proven cosmetic and skin care treatments using state of the art laser technology.

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